Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Visible Webs

Kittens' squeaky, musing mews ease
Rippling muscles' tensed strains
Like penetrating fingers massaging
Aches. A man strolls beside a stream,
Hearing mud's fertile scent exaggerate
Curved etchings through the dell. Seeking
Its source, he steps over deadwood,
ascending a hill's rocky stairway.

Out from shadows which interrupt a clearing,
A zephyr whistles at aspens' golden shimmer,
While wood nymphs urge folly in deer.
A fox laps at stream's edge, then scampers -
Human scent enunciates caution,
So she scurries her pups to a wilder haven.
The man leans down, touching where her tongue
Lapped the water and marvels at her breath,
Hovering languidly still.

The wood nymph's siren song, a hypnotic spell, plants
The man's feet firmly, like marsh reeds. Undaunted,
roaring laughter, he uproots the firmament, and cradles
The cosmic egg to the glen's dead end
Where he buries the egg beside a splashing waterfall.

Exciting throbbing in every spectral hue,
A sparkling mist rainbows the sun
And serendipitously glides like a kite;
Nowhere and everywhere embrace,
Waltzing through then and now and will be,
Asking no questions, seeking no answers,
Twirling and spinning like galaxies,
Filling no ledgers, accruing no interest,
Reveling in sublime natural elegance.

"Nothing stands isolated, boundary demarcates illusion,"
Remarks the stream's succulent rush over rocks;
While scooping a pool by burrowing the land,
The same ceaseless mystery is bared:
Quasars and pulsars and the expanding universe
Blast forth from within every seeds' DNA;
While a mother suckles her newborn,
Identity sparkles in waves' tips off shore.

Whispered hugs and sighed caresses
Inseminate children's innocent giggles.
Eggs hatch to kisses' incantations, odes
Sing accompaniment as fires exhaust
All fuel sources, waning into slumber.
My sun rises as your sun sets -
Visible webs tie all islands together.

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