Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Love's Labor's Lost and Found

Shadows across a wall.
Diffused moonlight
filters through curtains
fluttering in a breezy
stillness. He bolted
upright, awakening
to nystagmic dizziness.

Sudden vision,
a single photon
emerging - form's
stretched hint,
a glowing, coalescing,
looming irrationality.

A woman's figure,
soft focus fuzzy,
pastel yellow
raimented. Her form
revealed behind the mirror -
a rose scented,
amber hued,
A vestal vessel,
nakedly flush
her beatific blush -
emerald radiations -
glinted adorations,
the eternal epitome.

His slack
gaping jaws

Startled reassurance
emerged from silence,
mental whispers,
brimmed over,
a steaming elixir.

She sang,
"Exude yourself
beyond remuneration,
freedom from longing
for teeming sales tags
finds satisfaction
in interest cubed
upon unfathomable banks,
where account ledgers'
conditionless, fruitful trees
bear endless individuality
in a bountiful universe."

He smiled into her
questionlessly quenched
eyes, forever's offerings -
a self-contained reward.

"Sharing becomes adored."
She smiled.

Sparkling eyed
students acing tests
turn dripped candle wax
into castle moats' flood
as psalmic incantations
incite darkening
spheres, and ears
drown discord
in love's labor's
lost and found.

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