Thursday, October 23, 2008


Amerika clothes in golden garments, glitter and gold paint adorns its face;
Amerika dyes its hair fiery red - green blood inundates its veins.
Amerika drowns in a modern tar pit, white phosphorous clouds its brain.
Amerika, go to bed, don't wall up your borders or ship relocating immigrants back in planes -
Amerika, you succumb to fears of mosques, while men named Abdul cringe from your plastic, tolerant distaste.
Amerika forcibly exports Thomas Jefferson's bastard children, and calls Palestinian, Lebanese and Venezuelan votes a disgrace.
Amerika, the flame from the torch in Liberty's hand flickers in systematic winds which blow the Bill of Rights into space.
Amerika, self-proclaimed land of opportunity, you leave the homeless, ailing, and needy on the curb, unembraced;
Amerika, black widow, weave your web across the globe - a political and economic order with you as its ace.
Amerika stokes a planetary furnace, fueling climate change with its waste;
Amerika demands all others' respect, but offerings back? I see not a trace.
Amerika polices WMDs in other countries, but uses its own, stockpiling more, "Just in case."
Amerika orbits our Earth with spy satellites and argues now it must weaponize space;
Amerika, once the populist hope, now a threat to the whole human race.

This is an edited version of the poem which was originally published by Eleventh Transmission in their March of 2008, Volume 2 Issue 3. A link to the archived publication is provided on the right hand column.

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Annie Wicking said...

Very interesting... and strong words.

I enjoyed reading your blog.

Best wishes