Monday, July 15, 2013

Under the Flowering Jacaranda

Fragrant, lilac colored flowers cluster
Together, like hands from a multitude,
Stretching out five-fingered petals, pinching
At the air, reaching out in a last gasp, to grasp
The idyllic serenity their aura emanates. Worries
And judgments fail to cloud their perceptions –
Blossoms signal a momentarily eternal spring.
Purple carpets the ground, providing a regal
Setting for a picnic tryst. A lingering
Scent of harmony drifts on the laconic
Breeze, calmed by the jacaranda present.
A nearby brook enunciates the whispered
Secrets which the gentle wind whistles
Through the tree’s branches. Along the Paraná
River valley, just like a mother’s love, its
Music never ceases, singing through Brazilian
Guitars made from its wood in the way
A baby coos its contentment after suckling.
The jacaranda nurtures without words,
Caresses without touching, and spreads influence
Throughout its sphere without arguing, teaching,
Scolding or demanding. It simply loves for the
Sake of loving because all-which-is deserves
Every ounce of love it can well up and offer,

And nothing is ever lost when love is shared.