Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tripping the Light Fantastic - a screenplay

“Tripping the Light Fantastic,” is a screenplay for a full-length, feature film of entertaining fiction in the fantasy/romance genre which tells the story of Seek, who suffers severe head injuries while rescuing Maryanne from some toughs accosting her on a tube late one night. While in the hospital, Seek undergoes a Near-Death Experience from which astral travels ensue: taking him to Los Angeles in May of 1972 – where he relives some events from his wild hippie past and a failed love affair – to an English garden outside of time and space – where he pursues enlightenment as he meets two whimsically humorous and scathingly insightful spirit guides – and to London three days in the future – where he pursues new love with Maryanne.

A Match Made at the Oscars - a screen treatment

“A Match Made at the Oscars” is a treatment for a full length feature film of entertaining fiction in the comedy genre in which a young man, Carl Worthington, fresh out of film school, woos Amy Ambrosia, the lead actress in the movie for which he has been hired as a PA on his first job. Without prior approval, Carl writes lines for her character which help her win an Oscar as he wins both an Oscar for himself and Amy’s heart.

The Lucky Chip - a screen treatment

“The Lucky Chip” is a screen treatment for a comedy about two garbage men who skip work on the morning of Christmas Eve and take the garbage truck to Las Vegas where they find a chip marked for a lobbyist to win at gaming tables when lobbying politicians, meet two famous and beautiful celebutantes, win a fortune and gain the politician’s support for funding their idea to convert the trash at garbage dumps into energy while thwarting the lobbyist’s efforts to get the chip back and influence the politician to fund “Big Oil.”

Under Peril's Moon - original screenplay

“Under Peril’s Moon” is edgy, entertaining fiction in the action/thriller genre which tells a story set in 2057 of a mother (Silk), her two teenage children (Fair and Raven) and a pelt trapper (Dusty) traveling in search of better lives. All four are taken hostage, abused, terrorized and enslaved by a frightening group of territorial predators. After the captives engineer their escape, the victims fight for their lives against incredible odds and their sick, vile captors.