Saturday, October 11, 2008

captivate caress

intent eyes focus,
offerings' slightest suggestion,
wrapped around lip-corners;
dry-throated swallowless
hallucinogenic fevered
fingertips curl down
cheeks, scattering drawings
traced across pores'
trembling flesh; secret
little sacred rivulets flow,
tidal insistence gasps
hotly, tingling
earlobe breaths, hands
loosely cup memories -
laughter and tears
ooze past now's grasp;
feather-light thumbs'
marvel - chin's hesitation;
quivering longing
adorns retreating horizon's
solitary moonbeam
eliciting aura's
unblushed innocence:
eternally locked pupils'
uninterrupted conversation
discards all trappings
longing begs
captivate caress


tanuj solanki said...

i lost it in the last 6 lines...can u help me if it is not insulting?

Shoreline Driftwood said...

tanuj, if you have it through the line "unblushed innocence:" then you have it. What follows is a description of what that unblushed innocence is. "Eternally locked pupils'" is a symbol for yin and yang. The pupils being the pupil of the eye, not students. So, eyes eternally looking into one another have a conversation which is uninterrupted because it cannot be interrupted. It is this naked conversation, conducted without facade, without projecting an affectation which the longing for completion living at the core of everyone urges us to captivate when we approach it. The approach, the closest one can describe to feeling completion is symbolized by caress. I would tend to think of this in two terms, macrocosmically and microcosmically. From the micro- point of view, this concerns a loving relationship between equals expressed on all levels (physical, emotional and spiritual). The macro- point of view concerns the way cultures and societies and nations and classes of people and religions all deal with one another - that a loving, giving, caring and sharing attitude provides the better approach. This is a general description of the intent in the last 6 lines.

tanuj solanki said...

makes perfect sense now

... thanks a tonne :)

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a lot less symbolic though!