Saturday, October 4, 2008


He held her in night's hush,
an arm curled around her waist -
his breath lingered on her shoulder;
horizon colored eyes smiled
through a dew drop
stained windowpane.

Taut flesh pressed together
casketed warmth cascaded:
silently radiating
contentment's afterglow.

Her lower lip's flavor
still washed his tongue
while her breasts moaned
at the haunting memory
left by raspy teeth tips' graze.

A light porch breeze tickled
wind chimes as the ocean's
murmurous roar resounded
beyond earshot.

Daybreak pried open
his eyes, he reached out,
expecting joy's snuggle;
sensory intruded upon reverie
and he stood, gazing
at Van Gogh's
empty bedsheets.

1 comment:

tanuj solanki said...

with shimmering elliptical yellows...

I loved your ending!