Friday, October 24, 2008

Ancient, Nocturnal Lady

Ancient, nocturnal lady,
ladle yourself over my flesh
like hot fudge topping
dripping over a banana split.

Swim with me
in an electric whirlpool,
eddying between seasons
change, centered in the eye
of a hurricane, outside
warm rain's reach.

Stand next to me -
withstand the solar wind's brunt
as we emanate our own magnetosphere!
Plasma, in un-deplete-able quantities,
auroras - flashing, shimmering,
pulsing waves - galactic
nightglow erupts.

Insistence demands
no more whispers,
for Samhain's rites
cleave the sky at midnight,
moonlessly awakening
genetic memory.

Petulant fingers thrum
upon a cozmic tabletop.

"I could spend a lifetime
holding, gently but firmly,
your nipple in a toothy vise,
breathing and tasting," He realizes.

Electromagnetic chemistry
ignited empathic curiosity
as worry's own tears
washed forgiveness
into a Venice Beach
lightning striking night.

"I would forgo sleep
through every night,
squandering sweet existence,
just to learn to read
the braille in your
ivory fleshed curves."

Seemlessly, we embrace
the ocean's salty flavors
as we skinny dip
in an icy ocean
more alive than human
senses can reveal.

Ancient, nocturnal lady
your night never ends,
lucid dreams reign supreme,
fathoming every possibility
which ever welled up into Himalayas
from the deepest ocean floor -
monumental edifices erected
to memorialize
original cause,
opposites' insistent attraction.


Monique said...

Very, very lovely poem

Didi Menendez said...

This poem sort of turned me on actually. Anyway back to the ho hum.