Thursday, October 30, 2008

Evolution's Blank Slate

(A ceremonial magician's visualization spell presaging November 9, 1989.)


The postulate, Janus, narrowed focus to breath:
inhale - two, three, four; hold - two, three, four;
exhale - two, three, four; hold - two, three, four. He slid
through a portal into a calming meditation. Lingering
decay, the final chord from "A Day in the Life," rang
memory's eardrum. Within his mind's eye loomed
a vision - a snake stretched out before Janus, writhing
emptyspace. The snake slithered into a winding
path, coalescing into solid footing. A lion approached
Janus, nuzzled against the man's leg, purred
and urged him forward. They strode into blackness.
Janus observed the snake-bridge spanned
from Mars to Jupiter, arching over asteroids.
Almost instantly, Janus and the lion reached
Jupiter. The archway poured out the astral
travelers at a solitary sentried, purple pyramid.


"Who approaches?" "Janus, Universal Law's humble
servant." "Define Universal Law?" "Why, Tzadkiel,
it is harmonious integration of the cosmos." "Be more
specific." "Unity's infinite, individual expressions,
which underlie Multiplicity." "How is this distilled?"
"Through Love's ewer." "Welcome, Master Janus."


Tzadkiel led the way into a tunnel. Elaborate hieroglyphs
covered the walls. Lapis Lazuli stones adorned silver censor
chalices, emitting pungent, cedar-scented wafts. Tzadkiel
handed Janus a torch and grabbed another for himself.
Together, they crossed the telescoping corridor's icy,
stone floor. "This plane dwells outside spacetime," Janus
considered as they arrived at an anteroom's veiled entrance
on the right, deep in the pyramid's bowels.


"A sarcophagus stood, propped up in anteroom chamber's
center, lid opened and facing the sole blank wall within
the pyramid," Janus mentally noted as he blew into the room
alone, like a fall breeze, torch flashing as it flickered. Hieroglyphs
etched into the other three walls revealed magical formulas -
spells cast and designed to transmute the postulate's soul
and elevate imaginings into resonating overtones
upon the magnetosphere. Janus placed his torch's hilt
into a wall fixture and relaxed back into the sarcophagus.


"My will is blind,
all aspirations suspect;
dream's purity sublime -
let love's will, not mine,
be made manifest!"


The blank wall before him hummed in E as Janus
beheld a spectacle, the apparently opportune offering,
an auspicious harbinger. Eyes gaping wide observed
a great wall crumble under common hands, a joyous
celebration of symbolic relief from bondage. He wept
as human spirit spit in tyranny's face. He grinned
broadly, knowing freedom can never be denied
when every shadowed face asserts Free Will
in one voice - one non-violent, yet unbending,
common will. Freedom's birthright! Janus
peered harder as the image dissipated, riding
a sudden chilling breeze.


Janus grasped his torch, spent and exhilarated. He
rejoined Tzadkiel in the corridor. Instantly, they faced
pyramid's entrance. "You must return every night
for one year, Master Janus." "Is that all?" he chuckled.
"No. Invest your most fervent intentions into the vision,
move beyond merely believing reality will conform -
know with conviction reality already conformed to will."


The lion accompanied Janus back across the path,
but Janus rode the lion this time. With each step
the lion took, the path shortened, until soon, they
reached the snake-path's beginnings. Janus
dismounted and ruffled the lion's mane gratefully.
The lion roared back!


From seemingly nowhere, yet simultaneously
everywhere, a brilliant flash awoke the postulate
to the softly decaying fade from "A Day in the Life,"
again and again, nightly, for a year. Then, Janus
released the vision with trust and conviction,
soon, entirely forgetting it.


(November 9, 1989.) Dreams' imperfections
express eternally, even from Love's will. The blank
wall awaits a new pyramidal weaver to etch
upon evolution's blank slate and wrought
civilization's ironclad restrictions into liberating
infinite potential, which grand libations to Beltane's
bonfires' exhortations forever describe.