Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Sense; I Love

I sense honey nectar in a fragrant rose
As unfolding buds branch from stems;
I sense a sweet aroma weaving invisible webs
Which sparkle like crystals, refracting colors,
While captivating hand-holding, strolling lovers;
I love how they wind through seductive twilight.

I sense flimsy, eucalyptus leaves flapping
As the breeze lackadaisically flutters by,
Bobbing on currents' eddies
Without rhyme or reason why;
I love nature's breath -
Arcing white, cotton-candy cloud puffs
Across the immaculate, azure, midday sky.

I sense the movie's starring role, etching
Images on life's theater screen, extends
An offering to everyone alive - most remain
Content as extras or supporting characters;
I sense emotions all locked in cages,
Anxious to erupt molten fury,
Spewing their lava liquids
Across the desert wasteland we call lives spent
As spinning wheels, gears in neutral, disengaged.

I implore, "Mourning, take your clothes off,
And bewilder, shed your haze;
Prevent worries' creep into couplets
Scribbled in the margins of life's screenplay's page."
I sense rumor and innuendo's ignorance
Expressed in every part played off stage;
I love the bold, uncompromising choices
Made by every altruistic sage.

I sense evolution's grand ballet
Revolve in pirouettes;
I love that nature induces change daily,
Moment by moment,
Without ever resorting
To threats or violence.

I sense no line or stanza more important
Than those Mother Nature recites right now;
I love how the Earth fulfills her purpose
Without a question or sigh,
But through the perpetual erosion
That grows and ebbs on every tide.

I sense my lover's body warmth
As we cuddle through the night,
And feel her smooth, silky flesh
As my fingertips tremble across her cheek,
Eliciting anticipation-shudders;
I sense our heartbeat pound -
Quickening as we linger in embrace,
And taste electric longing's charge
When tongue and teeth graze over lips;
I sense our pulse race in exultation
Through shared hypnotic, wide-eyed gazes;
I love understanding's depth
Arising from honestly exposing
The niches in our minds' inner mazes.

I sense vital ardor
Expressed on every street
Life twists its path along;
I love the thrill - drums,
pounding out ancient, sacred rhythms,
urging every byways' exploration.

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