Wednesday, October 29, 2008


A fervent cry from the deepest reaches
Within caverns burrowed into the earth
Bemoans the plaintive mourning screeches
Which avail gods to re-invent mirth;
The only answer to these beseeches
Whisper riddles on the relative worth
Posed by arguments held in mind's niches
And whether they existed before birth:

Does folly seek meaning in drama?
Can a being compel tides to rise?
Must insight and growth incite through trauma,
Or does immanence live in compromise?
Do truth's seeds grow in myths of Rama?
Did the Buddha explain all he surmised?
Why do high cliffs house llamas and lamas?
Explain why nature must be revised.


tanuj solanki said...


Shoreline Driftwood said...

Tanuj - this poem primarily expresses my point of view that over-population combined with human renovation of the planet is destroying our ecosystem.

tanuj solanki said...

I fail to see it from your pov :)

In the part where you question...

You assume the role of a leader and ask an unknown listener if simplicity is beyond limits? You also seem to inquire about the absence of the individual's relationship with God... almost wondering how it would be possible for the serene Godlike images of the yore to talk to each one of us... and these questions arise not necessarily because of the population, perhaps pollution!

An apocalypse is taken as the imminent outcome... and the Noise is the only cause suggested... perhaps true


I love what you write!

tanuj solanki said...

you do bemoan the 'rabbity' existence.
whether this tenure of increasing entropy existed before it all started...

i am discovering new layers as I read again and again