Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our Shared, Gasped Embrace

We traipsed along the shoreline,
her hand engulfed by mine. Her eyes -
shining, sparkling-tipped
waves - rapt attention spanned
every luxuriant, eternal instant.

Wingless, we soared on updrafts,
our childlike innocence billowing
the same sails which navigated
Pelagius' course.

Excitement rose as bumps
upon her flesh as she strained into
our shared, gasped embrace.

We sat in planetary
alignment's warm
countenance, visualizing
the same, single yearning
in the electromagnetic afterglow
shimmering on an august, harmonic
convergence. Our souls
mated on the clouds.

The sky, blushed sunset
witnessing our passion and turned
its eyes to the roaring surf,
which insisted wave after wave
to crash in foamy
splashes. Quickening pulses
lapped at our cold, wet flesh
until our nakedly unashamed
stardust entwined into
our shared, gasped embrace.

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