Wednesday, February 11, 2009


A branch of paths, a maze of roads,
Which way shall I take flight;
All mortal minds seek calm abodes
Which vagaries excite.
A supplicant with hopes encodes
Sweet pleas for life’s delight,
Disrobed by moments, episodes –
Sense brazen heat tonight.

That which I was no longer is,
Nor what never will be,
Since brain’s neuronal synapses
Re-map with memories;
Impose a form, exegesis,
Is mental circuitry;
Bridge the chasm and span abyss –
Defeat futility.

Discover in the ebb and flow
How water seeks to merge,
That as all streams combine they sow
A river of one urge;
Where rivers meet in ocean’s tow
Life forces do converge,
Revealing nature’s grand trousseau:
Oneness’ concentric surge.

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