Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dark Murmurs

Crack open the window;
offer dark murmurs
a silhouetted access to rush
over rocky terrain, through
secret rills and streams -
flowing, liquid-fantasy beds
enveloped by imaginative
forests - unrestrained
by deliberative sanity's
filtering screens. Careen
over and beyond the dams
of social convention
and cultural repression.
Eddy up into whirlpools,
those turbulent trials
of unbridaled experience
which inscribe memory
with an emotional
depth more savory
than the bland tranquility
conformity condescends to
confer. Only the roaring
crash of the waterfall,
illuminated by the light
of day, reveals the rainbow.

1 comment:

tanuj solanki said...

Loved it...

and the rainbow could be anything :)