Wednesday, February 11, 2009


As cooling breezes knife right through
The heat of the midday sun
To carry salty and moist scents
Over sand dunes, un-begun,
From far beyond white crested waves
Sky and water merge to one;
Sky or sea, the same blue eddy
Diffuses heedless reason
When watchful gulls’ eyes from above
Pass future spirals’ summons:
Persistent current everywhere –
Sacred harmony is spun.

Pelicans’ dance on the ocean
Wills dives into the unseen,
Where Marah stores her nourishment
Offered up without a fee.
Cavorting dolphins dare cajole
Their brethren in songs of glee,
As all about swim teeming schools
In undisturbed reverie;
Every instant of adventure
Promotes wild discovery:
Commotion reigns transcendent in
Meandering harmony.

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