Monday, February 23, 2009

The Melting Night Carouses

The melting night carouses
through red lit backstreets
and alleys, on the discontented
shores of unrequited requirements
stolen with a wink and smile.

Beyond every fathers'
fervently imagined future,
freely conjured for favored
sons, smokey entrails emit
putrid, yet pungent
and perspicacious pugnacity,
along the river of moonlight
which creeps across the face
of a prehensile clock.

The writing is on the wall!
Only an indelible,
invisble ink can inscribe
any objective truth.

Beyond logic's portals
of sobriety, sailing on
the crest of impropriety,
electric currents zig-zag
unreliably, individual
fascinations expressing
approaches for escaping
mundanity - thoroughfares
traveled by only one.

Infinite pathways stitch
connections to the sublime -
integration with all worlds;
heated human hunger sparks
upon passion's crimson
embers and flaming tongues
into one self-perpetuating vision:
the melting night carouses.

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emma said...

I love this!