Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Seeds germinate in wet, rich soil,
Then up through brown, fertile plain,
They greet the bright and warming sun;
Stems grow stronger, thicker, taller,
Then branch out in grand array
To flower in wild fruition.

Robins’ beaks build incubators,
Nests for holding hens’ eggs lain:
Sentimental, parental roost;
Mothers' stoke care's warmth -
Through springs’ refrain,
Soon from shells, chicks will be loosed.

Tectonic plates mound rolling hills
To crags – majestic mountains –
Over eons thrust into skies;
All of flora’s splendors emerge,
As if sown by drops of rain;
Time echoes furry, fury cries.

From above clouds flake, and softly drop
Soft moisture on tors’ domain,
Ice Ages melt away in streams;
A rush of rivers, clear flows wind,
Till cease the brook’s counterpane,
Feeding wide ocean’s sunlit gleams.

Painters’ subtle hues on canvas
Are writers’ words painted pain:
Both, brush and pen articulate;
Melodies of composers waft,
Sculptors’ model sight unstained;
Arts’ aim: spirits to elevate.

Embracing lovers’ passions soar,
Frozen moments’ kisses deign,
Gleaming eyes reflect fire’s glaze;
No digital memory can
Reveal what the wind ordains:
Dying embers spark time ablaze.

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