Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Flame

So you want to be my teacher
Want to save me from life’s pain
Want to show me all my errors
Want to seal, steal or peel away my name
Because I’m just another creature
Just a man who you’ve made insane
In a casket with no pallbearers
With too many clippings to lack fame
But you’ve already arrived at your conclusion
With no idea to my thoughts’ threaded train
A world of killers shares one feature
Inherited directly from Denmark’s thane
Forcing a march in cadence to your wayfarers
Through cascades of insulted blame and shame
Show me all of your derision
Prison me within disdain
Cut me off before I finish
Nothing you want to hear lives in what I’m sayin’
Ignore every thought within my mind
So you can win some competition of brains
Give me your coldest shoulder
Let me feel like I’ve been caned
There has never been a preacher
Who could excise any taint or stain
No contrasting by comparers
Will tame my mind or its aim
While I’m shackled to a bleacher
You force too much from which I must abstain
Still I’ll not conform to social norms or
Else I’ll lose myself my spark my flame

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