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On Death, Dying and Reintegration – The Transition from Life through Death into Reintegration with the All

While duality is a property of life and being alive, and while duality persists through stages of the dying process, duality does not exist once the dying process reaches the stage where consciousness realizes the body is relinquishing its hold on the mind, or electromagnetic force which controls all human thought processes. When consciousness acknowledges the end is near, the mind undergoes a transformative process in preparation for reintegration with Unity.

During the first stage of the purification process as the mind succumbs to the transition to death, duality is thwarted. Consciousness must be purified of all attachments to life, material objects, and corporeal relationships. In order to detach from the material realm, and as part of the purification process, consciousness must be purged of all personal desires. The manner in which consciousness separates from desire and material attachments arises from an initial period of complete immersion into suffering.

As the Buddha explained, suffering is the result of desire. During one’s lifetime, the symbiotic relationship between suffering and desire renders itself as most obvious occurs through one of two phenomena: either the individual’s expectations regarding their desire is unmet which results in suffering by the desirer through feelings of loss and disappointment, or the free will of some other individual is thwarted when the desirer’s wish is fulfilled which leads to suffering felt by the one whose will is thwarted, causing disharmony between the two individuals, ultimately yielding a commensurate level or degree of disharmony in the relationship between the two individuals. In the latter instance, the desirer will end up feeling some degree of suffering because of the disturbance in the relationship, a lack of trust will arise, enmity could intercede, a potential loss of opportunities in the future is likely to evolve, and the result still reveals itself as disappointment, loss, and consequent suffering, now by both people involved in the situation.

The dynamic just described constitutes the essence of how karma accumulates from our actions, deeds and desires, and affects our world through future situations, circumstances, and forces which take place as a result of our earlier actions. Karma is a natural process constantly at play in our lives because we are constantly acting and desiring in life. N science, we learn that every action causes an opposite and equal reaction. The same principle comes to play in the accumulation and working out of karma. The laws of cause and effect create a symbiotic relationship which must always be equilibrated. Karma need not always be balanced immediately. Indeed, it may take years or decades. In some instances, karma does not even become equilibrated during one’s lifetime.

When accumulated karma has not been equilibrated during one’s lifetime, it must be purified during the transition through death to reintegration. The purification of un-equilibrated karma is one of the forces coming into play causing the intercession of suffering during the process of transition through death to reintegration. Another factor leading to the mediation of suffering during the transition results from an individual’s remaining attachment to personal desire.

In both of the circumstances presented above, suffering reveals itself as being an efficacious cure for an individual’s persisting desires. Suffering leads the consciousness to dwell on its cause. During the transition from life through death to reintegration, the mind loses its connection to the body. When the mind-body connection is lost, a consequent disconnection with other individuals from one’s life occurs. When the individual consciousness is left as the sole being to whom one must justify one’s actions, the need to create excuses, blame others, or otherwise create rationalizations no longer exists. Hence, the individual is finally capable of acknowledging faults, mistakes, and undesirable qualities. In such a psychological environment, the ego recedes as a motivator and controller of the mind, an honest assessment of the self can occur, and attachments to desires reveal themselves to the consciousness readily.

When the ego recedes into the background of the personality during the transition, the super-conscious assumes the dominant role in the mind. The super-conscious lacks any attachment to fear as well as the need to overcompensate or create false self-images, an overblown sense of self-importance, or deny personal responsibility for one’s life conditions as a result of actions and desires. Consequently, the super-conscious is capable of arriving at fair and unbiased judgments. The super-conscious also has no attachments to anything, so it can shed all of the individual’s previous desires and left over karma.

The physical process of dying can be instantaneous or drawn out. In either event, the physical process has pain and suffering attached to it. However, the physical process is only a detachment of consciousness from the body. Once consciousness separates from the body, there is a period of time while the electromagnetic field which comprises individual consciousness persists. Eventually that field will dissipate and join with the Earth’s electromagnetic field. During the slow period of dissipation, consciousness undergoes the purification process. As elements of the mind become purified of desire and karma is release, those portions of the electromagnetic field dissipate and become integrated into the Earth’s electromagnetic field – what scientists call the magnetosphere.

The planet is a living ecosystem and, consequently, has a consciousness which is the source of our awareness, the mother of our minds. The magnetosphere is the Earth’s consciousness. Ultimately, when the purification process has been completed, the rest of the individual’s consciousness reintegrates with the planetary consciousness, its source, and the entirety of the purified individual is subsumed by the planetary consciousness. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

As I explained earlier, the process of purification is the first stage in the transition from life through death into reintegration with the All. The second stage in this process is the conversion of the individual’s purified consciousness into a state of pure love. It is during this conversion when the individual gains an apprehension of meaning. An intense white light looms in front of the imagination – the mind’s eye which continues to populate thoughts with imagery, allowing the mind to continue to root transcendental experience in familiar forms, thus facilitating comprehension by the consciousness. The light radiates with the energy of pure love. This light washes over and through the consciousness of the individual infusing its essence back into the mind. An energy exchange takes place which the individual consciousness accept pure love into its while the totality of the individual’s purified life experiences are reintegrated with the planetary consciousness, enriching it with the totality of the super-conscious’ self.

As the individual’s mind becomes infused with the energy of pure love from the planetary consciousness, the mind sees the self walking into the light. The further into the light the mind walks, the more of this pure love energy bathes the “soul,” or super-conscious. Simultaneously, the further one walks into the light, the more of one’s totality of experience reunites with the planetary consciousness, reintegrating, becoming one.

Let me explain why I call this process “reintegration.”

Initially, when we are born, a small piece of the planetary consciousness attaches itself to the body of a fetus. This occurs at the moment the fetus gains self-awareness which is the moment individual consciousness and the ego are born. As an ego with an individual consciousness is born, a separation occurs from the planetary consciousness. This process occurs as the electromagnetic field of the fetus separates from the mother’s in the womb and a new identity comes to life. At the same moment, this new electromagnetic field acquires it’s uniqueness by chipping off a bit of the planetary electromagnetic field.

There is significance to the separation of the individual from the All. Prior to separation, the embryonic new consciousness lives in oneness with pure love and the planetary consciousness and does not self-identify. However, in the split, dissociation occurs. The ego comes into being with unique qualities. These unique qualities are the bits and pieces of the planetary consciousness which the newly forming individual consciousness brings with it. The bits are influences bequeathed to the new consciousness from the planetary consciousness’ storehouse of memory, experience, and essence from what it has gained when pervious individuals died and reintegrated.

Out of the stuff which consciousness brought with it as the new consciousness comes into being is what one might call, soul memories. Within these soul memories are contained apprehensions of what many people interpret as being memories from previous incarnations. It is out of this disintegration from the All which provides for the newly emerging consciousness the basic framework for the personality it will develop during the lifetime. This basic framework and its attendant soul memories are often accessible by individual’s whose consciousnesses are less dissociated than those who cannot access those memories. However, because of the dissociation which occurs in the process of being born, most people who can access these soul memories misinterpret them as being memories of actual previous lifetimes or incarnations they lived. This misinterpretation gave rise to the theory of reincarnation.

Really, what we are can be summed up as pieces of the all. In that sense, we are not really separate from each other. Rather, we are all made up of different pieces of the same single Earth consciousness in the same way that the different personalities within a person who suffers from multiple personality disorder are all really the same person. If I harm you or your harm me, we are actually harming ourselves at the same time. Because we are really all one, or perhaps more accurately, different pieces of the same One, and because we emanate from a source which is comprised of pure love, it is utterly contrary to our purpose for existence as well as contrary to our essential nature to be anything other than love or to express anything other than love in our lives. By understanding this concept, one can clearly see why wars, bigotry, hate, violence, anger, and anything else which causes separation and division among us is also contrary to our purpose for being alive as well as the meaning of life.

We are here to accumulate experience and bring experience back with us to enrich the planetary consciousness. We are here to experience love and spread love to bring the love back with us to enhance the One consciousness. We are here to share, grow, learn, understand, and ultimately, through our love heighten and raise our consciousness to bring ourselves back to the All on a higher arc and life it to a higher vibratory level as a consequence. If we lived according to those principles, we’d find meaning, fulfillment, and purpose without diminishing anyone or anything else. We will, as a species, have to learn and accept these principles if we are ever to create a more utopian culture on the planet, reach our highest potential, live in peace, and accomplish our greatest achievements. 

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