Sunday, July 8, 2012

Abandon to the Mission

A clarion call rang out through the still ocean;
Octaves resonated harmonically in waves,
Rippling out in every direction, singing a melody
Whose harmonies stretched beyond the audible,
Ringing tones through light, calming the constant,
Frenetic action, condensing dew drops of form
Out of pure potential’s cosmic continuum.

The taut fabric which stretched throughout the whereless
Gave way to indentations and the sudden weight
Manifested by illusion snared companions in attraction’s
Web; together, they danced across the eternal sea.

Wings of doves whistled as they fluttered,
And they whipped up motion out of contentment;
Great orbs sang their harmonies to the celestial
Melody weaving colorful thread trails,
Implying order in the splendor of illusion’s fabric.

The melody of the primal song urged the inert
Into spontaneous activity, and illusion came
To life, electric magnetism generated awareness
Within every thread of color, and the rainbow
Wrote upon the face of the waters with infinite
Voices, each singing a harmonic counterpoint
To the ageless yet haunting melody: an unending
Choral mass fizzed through the cosmos effervescently.

The sacred rite of universal love uttered
Its call into every corner of illusion:
The mission of every consciousness;
The undeniable motif sprang forth –
Forsake personal entitlements,
Yield to cooperative inclusion;
Fulfillment requires we abandon to the mission. 

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