Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Existential Moment

Streaks bend perspective
into spiraled staircase clusters
of stagnant, static, stiletto-
bladed magnets that revolve
in undetermined orbits,
while gravity improvises
unceasingly with matter
to a variable time signature.

The effort to endure
strings together
happenstance beyond
probability’s grave and
out of limitation’s reach,
while infinite possibility
plays jacks with
the existential moment.

A rungless ladder slips
on horizon’s shoreline
beneath a B-flat chart bearing
Miles Davis’ signature,
while Dizzy cheeks balloon
to breathless intervals,
re-imprinting jazz’s jagged
edges upon a smooth delusion.

The master sculptor’s
marbled impressions incubate
upon a Kaifeng Jew’s silent stele’s
hieroglyphic history, while a frozen
instant’s cubed, crystalline equations
compensated for incapacity
with certain death, awaiting
the existential moment.

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