Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Imperceptibly Etching

Red dirt surrounds
cedar trunks whose roots
ache from thirst
but the leaves
flutter on branch fingers
as a slow breeze
inherits moisture
from an electric cloud

A red ant crawls
toward noon's tolling
boil weaving a sticky
trail to a rabbit
carcass already
picked clean by coyote
pups still shrilly howling
triumphantly charged glee

The first drops of blood
seep from the spreading
doe mule deer's vagina
bearing her first calf

The sun moves
imperceptibly etching
a golden arc on an azure arch

Tired hands roll
tortillas by a fire
where carne asada spits
and sizzles in a pan

Children's voltage squeals
escape from naked bodies
as they slither through
shaded stream banks
under the watchful
gaze of tomorrow's
red-tailed hawk
demanding from its nest

In the night where
no moon reigns Grandma
threads smokey fingers
through an old man's
dreams making tacos
for the little boy she
once knew and now sees
bouncing up the porch steps

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