Thursday, July 16, 2009

In the Still, Night Sky

A glassy lake stretches as far as the eye can see:
calm, blue water, warmed by summer's breath.
High rise firs line the surrounding hills, dotting
right up to grassy beaches strewn with fallen
pine cones, and cuddling close to rocky points.
Wading barefoot into the temperate mountain
pool, the lapping waves' soothe my feet with
restorative caresses. The wind does not rush
since there is no hurry in the air. Small mouth
bass leap above the water line, attacking gnats
hovering and buzzing near the surface, and flip
backwards into the lake, disturbing the surface
with tiny, circular ripples which pass impressions
across the vast, liquid expanse. Black Saw-wings
swallow the sky as they jet near the surface,
cooperating with the back-flipping lake bass
to herd insects into one awaiting mouth or another.
The evening song of three, majestic, bald eagles -
soft, short, high pitched whistles - echoes across
the broadly expanding sunset which burns clouds
into molten, orange embers. They soar high above
my head, cutting a direct path to their nested fir tree
aerie not far from my silent beach shore. The long
finger shaped feathers at the ends of their wings
point a warning against even the most unobtrusive
intrusion. Slowly, stars emerge from the blackening
dusk. In the distance, a campfire warms a small
group by reflecting the last cloud embers in the still,
night sky. My palpitations cease as my lungs inhale
larger gulps of precious, fresh air; I'd forgotten
how delicious was their flavor. Children's
laughter drifts on the barely stirring breeze,
echoing into deserted, naked coves of serenity.
As a smile curves my lips and a full moon
lifts itself over its glimmering, watery reflection,
I am overcome by an ancient appreciation for awe
inspired accumulation of serene acceptance to Gaia,
knowing the moment serves greater sustenance
than humanity's amassed wealth and possessions.
From simplicity and attuned harmony grows
connection and passionate, purposeful redemption.


Gerry Boyd said...

Perfect realism in perfect meter. Bravo!

Tim Buck said...

A wonderful moment of pure existence, nicely rendered in words.