Friday, July 24, 2009

Globalization's Demented Domination

lead me to a world without all this... killing

Secret agent cabals fester with dispassionate malice,
devising sinister plots to behead elected officials
and advance conquest's master plan: globalization's
demented domination. Freaking button-down, Johnny
Appleseed wannabes strew iMacs across every rain forest,
converting indigenous farmers into multinational
corporate serfs, while concrete pours and asphalt
paves over forests, forever staining green with gray.
Beady-eyed Clinton clowns left over from coups
of Latin America past gleam with eyes sparkling
and hands rubbing together like the forearms of flies
pondering their pounce on the next pile of shit
that smells like money. Meanwhile, the land of once
golden streets, merely a glittery mirage, dilapidates
into ghetto streets where drive-by shooters fail
to grasp that the gang from the turf next door
ain't their enemy, it's the circus freaks running
things in State Capitols and Washington, D.C.
who pit brother against brother, dividing
to make conquest all the easier: the same old
Conquistador strategy, selling notions of fountains
of youth to the masses while the wealthy stake
claims to the imagined El Dorado under the next
oil well or in the patent office mines once proud
people slave in and still can't make ends meet.
The virulent strains of contagious opulence
already swim in the veins of elitist pigs who snort
in filthy sties spreading a corpulent pestilence
of narcissism and desire. Who among you will pick
and share flowers from a new garden, fertilized
by the rotting remains of withered capitalism?


Tim Buck said...

Dang...preach it, Brother! This is music to my ears, with wolf-howl melody and voodoo rhythm...

Made me go sharpen up my pitchfork and hunt for some torch kerosene.

Dan Newland said...

I'm of those (few, unfortunately) who believe that globalizaton is just another name for concentration of wealth and distribution of poverty, to say nothing of its stultifying effect on cultural diversity and ethnic pride. You've got some great imagery here to go with these beliefs. Bravo, Don!
Dan Newland