Monday, July 27, 2009

And Create a New World

Who decided America's
beauty should be hidden
beneath asphalt and concrete?
Profit motives serve up
excuses for the swallowing
of all natural, pastoral
pleasures by corporations,
cities and suburbs.

What happened
to the wide frontier?
It seems to be missing
along with the teeming
herds of prairie wildlife
that once scattered
across the open plains.

When did this nation stop
being Woody Guthrie's
promised legacy, your
land and my land?
As fences caged
wilderness, reining
freedom of movement
and lifestyle, individual
choices and opportunities
narrowed into servitude
to one corporate
master or another.

Where does all poison
polluting our rivers
originate and spread?
Dams wall up
waterways fish travel
to spawn and feed,
while factories dump
their sludge and cities
flush chemical waste
right into the aortal
veins of earthly life,
lapping genetic deformity
and pestilence up
against muddy shores.

How can so many
just sit back and allow
so few to set every
agenda and determine
the world's future?
The power of change
vests in the crowds
who gather together
and speak with one
voice, creating a clamor
which cannot be ignored
as they pile out
of offices and cease
filing income taxes -
standing up to wealth
and looking suffocating
waste and consumerism
right and the eye
as they boldly cry out
"I'm mad as hell
and I'm not gonna
take it anymore."

Why is it all we hear
spoken anymore
are discouraging words?
From newscasters
to radio personalities
to politicians to bloggers
to everyone on the street,
didactic opinion unwilling
to listen to anyone else
dominates the American
soundscape, promoting
one point of view
or another, but always
serving the personal
interests of some group
of the wealthy class.

No one seems to understand,
acquiescence is acceptance,
and the failure to take back
your own birthright: freedom,
liberty, natural beauty, a clean
and pristine landscape
with a widely diverse
teeming wildlife, cooperation
of effort for the benefit
of everyone, peace and security
without violence, eradication
of all weapons of mass destruction,
yes the failure to demand
and obtain hope for tomorrow
through true human destined
legacy is your own doing
and expresses greed and lust
and envy and anger and pride
and laziness and gluttony -
and you raise them to the nth
degree of exponential power
as humanity overpopulates
the planet like a virus or cancer;
yet, the mass of you together
can change course anytime
you decide you want
and create a new world.

The phrase, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore," is a quote from the 1976 released and copyrighted movie "Network," produced by Howard Gottfried for MGM, written by Paddy Chayefsky, and directed by Sidney Lumet and is used without anyone's permission.

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Crystal Clear Proofing said...

Don, this is an awesome STATEMENT. Bringing to the forefront of the readers' minds, "What can/could I do about this?? Very moving, and sadly so very true.