Monday, April 6, 2009

Without Boundaries

A velvet breeze flutters through
fleecy drifts of snow across a blank
horizon within an eternal lull
as I diffuse into crumb specks
staining an icy surface like a bleached
subatomic drip of dark matter.

Caution flies in the face of winds
that silently howl, weightlessly,
through the infinite night.

I'm riding the turbulent face
of one continuous, cresting wave
without a board, walking
on a pipeline tube -
a swirling, electromagnetic
curl - way out in the distance,
beyond the last buoy in the space
just past time's horizon.

Each and every memory
I ever invented or detained,
every sensation-condensed
fantasy I imagined out
from the nether underworld,
each passionate instant
I grasped and tasted, every
gleaming breath I gulped
erupts in 3-D across
eternity's unedited and
uncensored theater screen.

Entranced, I watch my reels
intermingle with the incomprehensible
universal totality, spontaneously
splicing together in sporadic fits
of unexpected discrimination.

I melt into the walls of certainty
from the bottom of a waterless
ocean and it feels almost like I
am drowning; or being sucked
up by a giant vacuum cleaner.

Until, in a sudden flash,
an explosion of every color,
every taste, every smell,
every emotion, the gamut
of all sounds and melodies,
and every sensation,
from the most intense
pain to the greatest ecstasy,
washes over my mind and
I lose all sense of myself,
of any self, of anything
at all, and the consuming
awareness of everything-
become-one, without boundaries,
but just the sheer weight
of totality, Allness floods
into me as I seep into it.

In the unifying moment,
the complete understanding
and harmony in the cohesive
integrity of coalescence
makes perfect sense.

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