Thursday, April 2, 2009

After Eons of Slumber

Seductively urgent dawn
Drips from sunrise ewers
Into leaf-filled eave gutters
On moonless, October nights
When the divining hag reappears.
Fragrant melodies from oracles’
Lips part foggy veils
As pointed tridents whirl,
Staining glacial tors,
Until rug rats initial steps
Intercept furtive glances issued
From furrowed brows. Snickered
Under the breath are the ocean’s
Whispered asides – beneath
Boardwalks and piers – “A carnival
Or a feast?” She wondered
Down roving-laned byways
To bridge an abysmal chasm:
White-bread-blues imitating
Intuitive, sulfuric, tea leaves
Tuned to a Delphic frequency
On Apollo’s alarm clock
Awaken him from reveries
After eons of slumber!


tanuj solanki said...

I could not get the overall meaning Don

Shoreline Driftwood said...

Hi Tanuj. It's good to see you commenting again. I've missed you! Hope all is well.

Apollo was a Greek god, and some of his attributes were said to be: a god of a beardless youth, a god of light and the sun; truth and prophecy; archery; medicine and healing; music, poetry, and the arts; and more. Now, Take him as a youthful sun god, know that the Oracle at Delphi was dedicated to Apollo, meaning I am using his prophesy attribute, and also remember that he symbolizes healing, and as a sun god, he would regenerate annually. So, what I did was use symbols referencing how far society has strayed from his ideals, and then infer that the time nears for his return.

I hope that explains it.