Friday, April 24, 2009

Kaleidoscopic Decorations

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite." - William Blake

A child points a kaleidoscope directly
at the Sun, turns the telescoping
cylinders in opposite directions
facilitating fascinating fantasies
spun on the immaculate whimsey
of unbridled, limitless innocence.

The ageless infant mind discovers
from each gentle screwing
of the kaleidoscopic wheel
a unique doorway opens,
one possibility out of infinity.

Don Juan Matus told Carlos, diligently,
"... our lives originate in infinity,
and they end up wherever
they originated: infinity."

The child wonders, deliberatively,
"Why is the world fenced
with so many restrictions
when we are born free,
without any clothes?"

Mommies and daddies, dementedly,
scramble to dash expressions
of expertise, imprinting labels
they design for garments
draping the kaleidoscope's
imagery quickly, before
the final curtain falls.

Aldous Huxley announced, derisively,
"... how I longed to be left
alone with Eternity
in a flower, Infinity
in four chair legs
and the Absolute
in the folds of a pair
of flannel trousers!"

Under a maple spreading deciduously,
limbs calmly and stately accept
a tailor's seasonal alterations,
knowing: even from tapped
reservoirs, new fountains
of freshly embroidered
needlework will splash
kaleidoscopic decorations
on woody skin's aging bark.

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