Sunday, December 14, 2008

Where Withal, M'Lady Sighs

"Where withal," m'lady sighs
"No wherewithal can assuage cries" -
So gleams of beams
Enliven dreams
As hearts pound in heaving chests,
And cheeks, so tenderly caressed,
Say more than words can convey
Revealing life's right-of-way.

A whispered breath teases ears
While passions' muted gasp reveres
The tangled sheets
In hushed retreats;
"So slam the brakes on hurry
And dissipate human worry,
Which, wherewithal can't revise.
Where withal," m'lady sighs.

"Where withal," m'lady sighs,
"Assure the sun its right to rise."
The secrets bared
When living's dared
Crystallize introspection:
"Remove haze from reflection!"
With our masks' disregarded
Artifice lies, discarded.

Look at lilies in the night,
Petals bathed by diffused moonlight:
There find revealed
When truth's unsealed
Our hope sings in embraces.
As my finger, her face traces,
Showing wherewithal unprized,
"Where withal," m'lady sighs.

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tanuj solanki said...

liked it don...

sorry for being away from your blog for a while!!