Monday, December 8, 2008

Camelot Still Stands

Camelot still stands so proud
On mountain tops, above the clouds;
The place reigns over dreams
Inspiring wily childish schemes.
You see, that's where I and friends
Made real the games which we'd pretend:P
We played tag, cops and robbers;
I slugged long balls like Duke Snider.
Also in my mind lived hid
Wyatt Earp and Billy the kid;
Slain by I - T-Rex and dragons,
I rode west in covered wagons.

When I reached ten, the games changed,
My reveries were rearranged;
Paired with the fair Stephanie -
Rather than climb, I carved on trees.
I Arthur, she Guinevere -
From two to one we did cohere:
Secret thoughts, new ideas
Were exchanged with glee between us;
Hand in hand, our gazes rapt,
Her head upon my shoulder napped;
Arms circled around her waist -
The love we shared mature, yet chaste.

Laughter once rang in our ears,
It whisked us off to distant years;
In the morning of our days
We glimpsed a future, smooth byways.
Elegies chirped by songbirds
Were melodies we set to words.
Elusive time, adrift in space,
Dared not to part our sweet embrace.
Dandelions in the sun
Dispersed when we exhaled as one;
Swing sets soared above the bar:
Those interludes we shared, we are.

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