Saturday, February 13, 2010

Silvery Light Shrouds

Silvery light shrouds her with a brilliant
Halo, she stands at midnight’s threshold –

A hesitation between breaths, and concentric
Ripples across the celestial sea spiral
From the edge of eternity to the limitless
Instant: inevitability’s expectant moment.

Sculpted porcelain, crafted from chalcedony,
Reflects her radiance, glimmering ablaze
With the boundless passion emanating from every
Unique brushstroke swept across masters’ canvases.

Cosmic superstrings tune themselves
To the chords she strums, and universes
Sing into being as her melody composes
Chance’s recollection: sweet, divine music.

She calls sublime poetry to flake down upon
Bards and poets like the softest crystal powder
Fluttering out in a fine blanket; her songs
Inspire imagination, aspiration and anticipation.

My heartbeat pounds at her door!

My pulse whispers her name…

The rushing wind
Bellows glee in a tempest.

Fervor fathoms rapturous depths.

The sashayed path she treads
Opens upon the gates of exhilaration,
There would I dare to follow.

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