Monday, March 9, 2009


A brilliant, white light flashes
brightly across my mind's inner eye
as it gasps it's last breath
upon a starless, midnight sky.

Shivers shudder across the nerve ends
of a cold, clammy flesh - rigor
mortis claims muscles suspended
in the mid-clench of harrowed horror.

The final, echoing footsteps
upon damp cathedral tiles
ring a call to the faithful
flocking to frankincensed aisles.

Flying as if drifting -
a fishing float upon a lake -
as distant fog horns bellow
insistent synapses awake.

A memory's streamlined streak
impels a chocolate flavored ferris wheel
'round and 'round a rutted track
where ancient children's voices squeal.

Beyond the last marching band
in the neverlasting parade route,
sensations lose significance when
thick-tendriled, hemp clouds erase all doubt.

Surreptitious eyes sneak furtive glances
where no occular fantasies resound
and yet the sullen, starless stillness
reflects carnal appetites' compound.

Soon all elliptical collisions
and anatomical incisions
replace individual decisions
with universally envisioned revisions.

An eye stills sees and mouth yet tastes,
a heart surely beats while the body aches;
while one mind thinks, erudition pastes
individual units into unified keepsakes.

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