Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Avenging Dragon

Witness the avenging dragon!
He breathes fire in the night,
forcing you to notice
the future's starving children,
entombed by the bondage
of today's commerce.
Yet unborn waifs spit up
lungs, hurling a bloody pile,
overtaxed by their ancestors'
bequeathed burden. Who
represented their right
to consider and refuse?
No soul guarded against
usurping politicians
who funneled inconceivable
mountains of money
into the wealthy's vaults,
hoping to save their own
position, prestige and power.
And you let them,
in your lustful orgy
advancing today's interests
over tomorrow's foreclosure.
The avenging dragon roars
with Robespierrean authority,
as collecting masses coalesce
into a single spirited voice,
"Today marks the beginning
of the end of wealth."

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