Saturday, November 22, 2008

Night Shadows

Given a moment
Without an instant more
Allowed a taste
From inside a morsel's core
Supplied a scent
That fragrant roses wore
Offered a glimpse
At all which came before
Soothed with the touch
That lovers' caresses bore
While sliding night shadows
Creep across subconscious' floor

Forever inching
Around every corner
Grazing lightly
Across the ocean's deepest depths
Through neurons
So deeply hidden
They etch no memories
Of the ever-present
Upon night shadows.

The rainbow in the prism
Refracts a woodland waterfall
Revealing the same colors
As sunshine through rain
Your belovèd's kiss
Tastes no sweeter
Than the ripest strawberry
Whose juice my lips will stain
Grasping to hold this moment
Encourages it's fleeting slippage by
While night shadows
Link the universal chain

This is an edited version of a poem (originally titled "Shadows of the Night") which was originally published by Blood Moon Rising Magazine in their June of 2008 Issue #35. A link to the archived publication has been placed on the right column (5 poems on Blood Moon Rising Magazine).

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