Friday, November 7, 2008

Human Intelligence

A seedling sprouts, upwardly mobile,
shooting through seemingly inert earth.
A kite languorously floats
upon nothing visible.
Water spills from the sky
without a sprinkler system
being engaged. Migratory
sparrows return to yearly roosts -
no Capistrano exit sign,
map or GPS marks the route.

Beavers build dams creating habitats,
assisting natural splendor and diversity.
Humans pour concrete for flushing and showers,
for water skiing and houseboat luxury,
sucking ecosystems dry - eradicating
whole expressions of life's currency.

No other animal defaces the landscape,
causes extinction,
or pollutes the land,
sea and air with its waste!

Others' refuse renews the land
and feeds the planet,
while ours chokes, stifles
and poisons our home.
Nuclear radiation threatens
playgrounds and backyards
with contamination.

Some proclaim humans
the most intelligent life form.

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