Thursday, June 6, 2013

Book 2 of Don Coorough's Essays Has Been Published

Dear Friends and Readers,

The second book of essays in my "Love-ism" series has been published and is now available for purchase. It is a 360 page quality paperback.

Love-Ism Volume II, Book 2: Essays on a Philosophy of Compassionate, Common-Sensed Evolution - Reality, Psychology, Consciousness, Mythology, Spir

“Love-ism Volume II, Book 2: Essays on a Philosophy of Compassionate, Common-Sensed Evolution—Reality, Psychology, Consciousness, Mythology, Spirituality and Notions of God”contains essays written by Don Coorough which reflect his desire to deepen people’s understanding of the way the mind works, offer commentary of the common misconceptions in current psychiatric methods, provide a clearer way of looking at reality, open up a larger discussion of how humans are spiritual beings and present a revolutionary view as to what constitutes human spirituality. Some of the essay topics in the book include developing an understanding of the process approach to life as opposed to a view which evaluates according to ends, a detailed analysis of perception, awareness, language, knowledge and time, the nature of consciousness, a look at how the mythology of the ancient Greeks offers a transcendental path to enlightenment, and the development of a relationship with one’s Higher Self. 

I hope my friends and readers will consider purchasing a copy. Please click on the link above to get your copy today. Also, please feel free to share the link with your friends.

Warm regards in peace and with love,
Don Coorough


Judith said...

Good luck and Best wishes.

Don Coorough said...

Thank you very much, Judith.

Robert Andrews said...

Hello Don, Just wanted to let you know that my copy of your 3rd book arrived in the mail today. As I get further into your 1st book, I'm finding it astonishingly original in its depth and breadth of knowledge and profundity of thought -- I could easily spend a half-hour on one or two pages -- these books should be picked up by a big-name publisher and promoted to a much wider audience! Thank you!