Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Rendezvous with Harmonic Symmetry

Awaken me with your sympathetic syncopation
under spreading, broad leaf, ficus limbs, chanting
ancient hymns; dread not crossing great oceans -
engulfing chasms of elemental virtue - a potent,
mass-resurrecting elixir slowly drips
from a cosmic IV into the veins of awakening
souls: self-sacrificing lambs whose blood
nourishes the sleeping hordes too self-absorbed
to stand on lily pads in ponds like lotus blossoms,
opening under a phosphorescent moon's
luminescence. Ill luminous shadows desecrate
dreadnoughts carrying a cargo of feathery souls
on the currents of Styx to a rendezvous
with harmonic symmetry, illuminated
by primordial rays of the first star: the seed
which fertilized a sea of dark matter, inaugurating
an eternal, celestial tide, wave after wave,
to etch enlightenment with lapping erosion.


Shanti Perez said...


Gerry Boyd said...

Really nice word play going on here. This is fun to read aloud. Bravo!

Stephan said...

NICE writing. Closing of ones eyes to depict the images of the words within, a true test to the fluid form of beauty in the written word.

Shoreline Driftwood said...

A humble thank you.