Monday, June 29, 2009

Books and Art Collectives On-line and Indy Festival

I’m reposting this as I think it’s a great idea. From Richard Guthrie’s blog.

Many of us write and paint and produce and perform work of all kinds. What if we joined together into a collective and begin to explore spreading the word about each other’s works through our own online lists, blogs etc..It could develop all sorts of unseen paths. Many of us are all doing it already but instead of keeping it all in-house let’s open our doors and windows and cross bridges… The deal: each of provides the other with materials. We share our lists, our interests, our views.

If I have 2000 people and you have the same and we multiply that by say 100 similar lists, it takes on useful proportions. We can weld it to an Indy international book art music stand up fair (BACOLIF) every year. Each of us presents a case for our own site place as the place – we all vote and decide and join in and plan it and head that way for that year. Next year it is somewhere else. Local authorities can be brought in to help with the set up. A park or similar summertime in the northern or southern or eastern or western hemi-spheres. I think we all need more contact more celebration to get us out of our contained world of books and art and music and stand up. It doesn’t matter if we write or paint or sing or talk to different groups and minds..variety it’s the spice. Let me know if you think the idea could and would work and you want to be part of it.


I’ll post some photos of London Fields soon offering it as a possible location for the first BACOLIF event…If you think a few days with so many artists and performers and writers presenting their works, lots of local participation and international visitors you can see some of the potential ..The key is: we are there to celebrate and enjoy each other’s works.. So we’re all different who cares! That’s the key to its success, we’re all involved.