Friday, May 1, 2009

Eerie Chimes for Gandhiji

Feather fair or feather fowl
adrift within the weather howl,
some wildebeests together prowl
displaying behind their leather cowl-
like faces, traces of heather's scowl
beyond creation's pillars.

Monkeys drew the primate sea
where banshees cue decreed debris -
foresee the stew, cauldron's draftee -
though gathering's adieu from far Capri's
races thorough paces, despite a plea:
purifying, boiling distillers.

Sullied summer sundae, shooting up a rotting vein,
sunken jowled expression: a recollection gone insane;
in heat on city streets, dogs' rabid barking frothy cries:
supinely frozen corpse inquires, "What's between your thighs?"

Cow corral befoul an opalescent overcast isle while
enduring pointing fingers' smug, accusatory bile,
wall street bloodsuckers hang out an open window pane
and pray for evidence their lives are not in vain.

Winding staircase, winding tall,
twisting, turning - a blinding fall,
compels a whirling, grinding squall
through a starless galaxy's binding sprawl
at a crawl; it debases deep space's thrall -
collapsing constellation caterpillars.

Monkeys climb the primate tree
sans degree, sublime chimpanzees decree
eerie chimes for Gandhiji
whose peacetime prime reclined primly
into embraces with grace's pedigree:
navigating astral tillers.

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