Friday, January 9, 2009

Starry, Cloudless Nights

An unsolicited commentary offered to Robert Bly

The old black dress
no longer fits. It's
too tight, outgrown.
Unsewn, intuition hints
through de-spooled,
rainbow threads
unwound on cold,
tiled flooring haphazardly,
unconcerned with any
mannequin's silent deception.
Pre-conception of objective
formulas severs creators'
minds from hearts.
Art's fathomed
in the breath,
in the spaces
between, where unconscious
intuition breathily whispers
on glimmering,
starry, cloudless nights.

This poem was published by The Cartier Street Review in their February 2009 issue.


tanuj solanki said...

loved it...

mannequin's silent!

how could you think of that!!

Joy Leftow said...

Sometimes life no longer fits and we have to change it to make it fit.
This is beautiful Don. I'm loving it!

Shoreline Driftwood said...

Tanuj, sometines the muse sings in my mind's ear. I simply listen and record.