Sunday, September 21, 2008

Opening Thoughts - "Naked to All Eyes" and "Savoring Tomorrow's Flavor"

Conventional wisdom suggests: "To guarantee the security and the viability of a nation, culture or society requires the presence of both fighters and artists." The inherent problem with the assertion lies in the paradox: if there were no fighters anywhere, there would be no need for fighters whatsoever. Actually, to correct conventional wisdom, one should assert a different version of the statement: "To guarantee the security and viability of all nations, cultures and societies requires the absence of fighters everywhere and the presence of artists anywhere."

Naked to All Eyes

sift through the grist
discarded shards:
the broken glass slivers
dusty mental mementos
crackling in the fireplace
next to a creaking rocking chair
only ever slightly muffled
by the hand-woven, wool rug,
faded spectra:
bleached out pastel tones;
see if the singular moment
"I am" stands before the mirror
disrobing in the moonlight
until naked to all eyes.

Love is the most universal of all the guiding principles by which one can lead one's life. Respect is the first prerequisite of Love. Peace is the only way mutual Respect is shared. A Life well lived, in joyous harmony, is the consequence!

Savoring Tomorrow's Flavor

Savoring tomorrow's flavor,
he hears the nitty-gritty low down
in your Aphroditic hours, with fantasies -
gliding on updrafts of your pleasure.
Rolling, he slips down the slopes
of your laughter.
And he grins, simply
knowing you. He suddenly awakens
from precognitive,
but always elusive, memories.

"Military intelligence is to intelligence what military music is to music." - Groucho Marx

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